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Are you searching for the best place to clean your laundry? The Wash & Tan is the perfect solution. Our convenient local laundromat has everything you need to take care of your laundry efficiently, so you can get back to more important things. If you have any questions about our facility, don’t hesitate to contact us at (614) 870-8268.

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Your New Favorite Laundromat

Our public laundry facility has everything you need to get your clothes cleaned comfortably. With a wide range of different machines and helpful staff on-site, we guarantee you will be impressed with our location. Some of the benefits of having us as your nearest laundromat include:

  • Open daily
  • Clean and bright building
  • Affordable prices
  • Variety of washers and dryers
  • Friendly staff
  • And more

Accommodating Laundry Machines

Our specialized laundry machines are guaranteed to meet your needs. Whether you require just a standard machine or something much larger, we have what you are looking for. We have machines that can accommodate up to 50-pound loads, allowing you to keep track of your large washes easily.

In addition to this, since we have so many washers and dryers at our location, you can always feel confident that there will be machines available for you.

A Clean and Bright Laundromat

Our building is regularly cleaned and well-lit during business hours, so you can always feel comfortable when you come to us for your laundry. Our commitment to maintaining a sanitary facility has made us the laundromat of choice for many residents, and we hope we can count you among them next time you need to wash your clothes.

Efficient Laundry Machines

Our high-quality coin laundry machines are guaranteed to get your loads cleaned in just one cycle. We frequently inspect and maintain our machines to ensure that they are providing the best results possible for our customers. Nobody wants to sit around for their laundry to finish, but when you come to our location, you never have to worry about waiting too long.

Helpful Laundromat Staff

Our polite and friendly workers will be happy to assist you or answer any questions that you have about our location. If you need any help operating the machines, all you need to do is ask, and we will gladly be of service. We pride ourselves on being approachable, so you can always feel at home when you come to our laundromat.

Great Prices from Your Local Laundromat

Doing laundry is a fact of life, but we here at The Wash & Tan strive to make it as affordable as possible. Our reliable, coin-operated washers and dryers allow you to keep your clothes looking and smelling fresh without spending a lot of money.

Stop by Our Laundromat Today

We pride ourselves on offering a convenient and well-maintained laundry facility. We promise that you will be satisfied with our location and never have to worry about finding a laundromat again. Drop by anytime or give us a call at (614) 870-8268 if you would like to speak to our staff.

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